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In the Tiktok app, users can watch and share 60-second videos. In this application, users can have a fun time by adding special effects filters, music they like and like, different tags and different sounds to their videos. In addition, the short videos taken can be shared not only in the Tiktok application, but also in social media applications such as facebook, instagram and twitter. The Tiktok social media application has more than 1 billion users in 155 countries. The Tiktok application is listed as the 6th largest social network in the world. It is also the most downloaded application of 2020 (AppAnnie). Important Information About TikTok Most downloaded app [year 2020] One of the world's largest social networks [6th place] Tiktok parent company “ByteDance” is the most valuable startup in the world [$78 billion] Use in more than 150 countries 400+ million daily active users in China One out of every three smartphones in India has the TikTok app installed. The country with the highest growth after China and India [Brazil] Even though US users only cover 5% of the total number of tiktok users, their active usage rates are very high [30 million monthly active users in the US] The user demographics and age breakdowns are exactly as follows; 60% Female, 40% Male users 13-17 years old: 27% 18-24 years old: 42% 25-34 years old: 16% Ages 35-44: 8% Ages 45-54: 3% Age 55+: 4% Average time spent by users per day [46 minutes] How many times daily average users open [8 times] Why Do Users Prefer TikTok? How Did Tiktok Get So Popular? Thanks to its dynamic customized infrastructure, the application automatically selects and lists the contents according to the interests of the users. When everyone enters the application, they have access to videos related to their fields of interest. Thus, the content of interest can be reached easily without using the search method. [CRI] How Did TikTok Come About? 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